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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Novel Writing Diary Week 3: Planning and Plotting

I've spent today planning and plotting all 20 chapters of my novel. This is what the floor of my writing study (aka our spare room) looked like this morning.  One piece of paper represents one chapter of the  book.

Eagle-eyed readers might have spotted only 19 sheets of paper above. Aha! That's because I've already had my first chapter accepted, and have been given the go-ahead to finish the book with the first 5 chapters due in a matter of weeks.

Eagle-eyed readers might also spot that chapter 18 looks a bit empty. It was... I've jzuzzed it up a bit since I took the photo.

Tomorrow I am ready to lose myself as I start again to write... and write... and write.

And just when I thought I'd done all of the research that I needed to do,  I met someone at the weekend, a vicar no less. He offered some wonderful stories of the time and the place I am writing about. An afternoon at the vicarage to hear more of his tales has been planned, Biscuits may be involved.

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