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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Novel Writing Diary Week 4: Writing and Worrying

This is me as a writer, in my head.

This is me as a writer, in reality. 
Two chapters are written and the third is underway. I'm on a deadline to produce and submit six chapters before I go away on my jollies next month.  That's OK, it's doable. I've done myself a schedule. Ooh, it's a lovely schedule, on a spreadsheet, all colour co-ordinated with a nice font and I love tweaking it and updating it and... 
... it's so easy to get distracted. It's so easy to do anything other than sit down and write. But when I do, I get lost in the power of words, the power of my story, the power of being me as a writer. The me I have always wanted to be. 
(Note to self: that's far too cheesy a thing to be admitting in a public forum).
So the writing is going well, as is the tweaking of the schedule and the colouring-in of the spreadsheet. 
But I'm worrying too. Is there too much dialogue? Not enough? Are the characters coming alive for the reader in the same way that they're alive in my head? How do I move on time? Should I move on time and... oh, hang on...  my spreadsheet needs tweaking again.

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