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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Story starters for the New Year

I've a short story in this week's The People's Friend magazine. It's called Meet The Neighbours and is about a new man in town, two comedy sisters and a load of old pies.  I'm well chuffed as it's made the front cover of the magazine too so it's really cheered me up today and is a great start to my writing New Year.

In addition, my weekly soap opera Riverside continues this week inside the magazine with Ruby's hen party. But as Ruby and her friends sit down to celebrate, new girl on the block Jenny has a secret to hide...

If you're at all intersted in writing for women's magazines, a good place to start gathering information is Patsy Collins' blog Womagwriter. 

Also, I can't recommend highly enough Della Galton's book "How to write and sell short stories".

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