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Friday, January 20, 2017

Have you found much?

Back from a morning spent seaglass hunting on Seaham Beach in County Durham.  The beach was dotted with collectors, all like me, all with our heads bent, walking the sands slowly, searching the shingle for a splash of coloured glass. 

Seaglass collectors are odd creatures, and I include myself in this categorisation. We know how addictive seaglass hunting is. But most of us are friendly, willing to share what we've collected and show other collectors when we pass on the beach, calling out to each other: "Have you found much?"

I've collected seaglass since I was a child. Obviously, I've thrown a lot of it back into the sea or I wouldn't be able to move in the house for the lovely jewels of glass that have tumbled in the ocean for years, decades even.

But some of it I do keep - the jewels, I call them, the gems.  They're the reds and the purples, the oranges and the lilacs, all the colours you rarely see these days. And I keep the very rare multi-coloured ones, like the red and white one above.

But I've been keeping so many jewels lately that I'm thinking of selling some of them to collectors or jewellry designers.  I might pop them onto eBay unless anyone has any ideas of anywhere else that collectors may look for rare and unusual multi-coloured seaglass?

If you love seaglass as much as I do, you might like to see my book of short stories called The Seaglass Collector and other short stories.

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1 comment:

Patsy said...

If I spot a piece of sea glass I can't resist picking it up, but I always put it back on the beach before I go home. I'm not a fan of 'stuff' in the house, even pretty stuff.

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