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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Christmas crisis

I'm making a list, I'm checking it twice. I know which of my relations have been naughty or nice but by heavens, I'm in no mood for Christmas just yet.

Mind you, yesterday I bought my first Chrimbo present. And now I feel dirty for succumbing to the commercialism. Bah humbug, etc.

I love Christmas, I just hate the expense, the shopping, the chocolates you don't want, the CDs you won't play, the books you won't read, the socks you'll never wear, the bubble bath that will bring you out in a rash, the money that gets wasted each and every year.

But I love the family time, the food, the cold, snowy days with nothing to do but snuggle up by the fire, eat chocolates, crack nuts and watch old films on TV. I love the tree and all the tinsel bling. I love the two weeks off work. I just hate that it costs so much bleeding money and want to suggest a cap of a tenner on all our family gifts but they'll all call me Scrooge, I just know.


Tvor said...

I always start my shopping early and usually have it done by December. This is actually the smart time to shop! It can be expensive but i don't think of that, i buy what i think someone will really like. Some gifts end up costing a bit more and some much less, it all evens out. I do some homemade candy as well for a handful of people. I do love the season as well, the lights and decos, the time with family and even the music!

missbehaving said...

I think a cap is a good idea, and maybe everyone would go for it, or all the adults just buy one gift each, like you say, no one needs anything, these days we buy what we want for ourselves don't we, that whole wait till Xmas thing has gone out the window. I'm with you, I like the TIME, I like the MOOD, I loathe the expense and ultimately the damn WASTE.

bigchris said...

suppose i`d better take the bubble bath, chocolates, socks, hat, gloves back to the shop then !

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