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Monday, November 22, 2010

My niece Claire - an inspiration for us all

This is my niece Claire and her boyfriend Matty in a picture taken earlier this year
before Claire's cancer diagnosis.

If you haven't already sponsored me for the walk I'm doing this coming weekend, please do so here.  And if you still need convincing to part with a small amount of cash to help raise funds for Cancer Research UK, read this and dig deep. 

That article in The Sunderland Echo (Monday 22 November) also got its own comment column in the paper, below:


Tvor said...

That's awesome about the fundraiser shows!

Vicky said...

I ditto what Tvor said - awesome!

seapenguin said...

Just wanted to say, sorry I did not sponsor you, but I did give a donation to my local branch. Really hope all goes well with Claire, and it's lovely to see such a supportive family.

Roz said...

I fought my battle with Hodgkin's this year too. I got my diagnosis in Feb, and finished chemo in August and am now in remission! There is light at the end of the tunnel for her!

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