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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Virusus R Us

Well, I'm here again. I'm still not back to full health and still off work on the sick but am going to attempt another return next week. The doc says it's a virus which I'm beginning to think is med-speak for: "We haven't got a clue, dear".

The cure, the doc keeps telling me every time I turn up at her surgery in a state of distress, is to rest. But I've rested until a girl can rest no more and still I'm suffering burning pains all over my body and a temperature so high it makes my forehead hot enough to fry an egg on. I know because I've tried. Oh, and my legs wobble when I stand. And yes, I've had a blood test which turned out fine.

Is there a doctor in the blog?

Anyway, books I've read while off work sick include Mystery Man by Colin Bateman which was very funny and had me chuckling on the sofa. And Flying Under Bridges by Sandi Toksvig which wasn't as funny as I'd hoped and expected but very good all the same.

I'm heading back to the health centre tomorrow to get the once-over from matron. Will blog again as and when.

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Steve said...

Sounds to me like you've got some kind of post viral thing - my wife gets them if she tries to accelerate to full speed too soon after a virus. It's very debilitating and takes weeks to recover from. You're right about your doctor. "Virus" means "something we can't be bothered to research or name properly but it won't kill you".

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