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Friday, October 23, 2009

Go Compare! Go Compare!

I'm the least likely person to use an insurance comparison website because, you know, insurance is dull and the less I can have to do with it, the better. But still the Go Compare! Go Compare! jingle jangles in my brain and I have to admit I do like it. It won't make me look at the site but I've started making my own words up to create a new Go Compare! song, it's got me that hooked. Admittedly I haven't got much further than Go Compare! Cut Your Hair! but still, it's a start.


Steve said...

Even Tim Rice had to start somewhere...

Old Cheeser said...

How about "Go Compare, Cut My Hair! Strip me bare!"....?

Okay, I'll get me coat.

Actually whilst I can see the potential for these ads to be very annoying, the first one - with the two guys in the coffee shop - was quite amusing I thought. I liked the "who is this nutter" expressions on their faces and the way their cups shook!!

Anonymous said...

go compare!
cut your hair
sit over their, in that chair
i`ll cut your hair..
with a few snips, my scissor clicks
then you`ll thank your stars that u let me cut your hair !!!!

lil bro

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