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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

See-saw sick

It started with a bad cold. Then it made me pig sick, then filthy sick and then (hoorah!) I wasn't quite as sick and went back to work. And now (boo!) I'm back at home on the sofa with a flareup of symptoms I don't understand. My GP has been worse than useless, giving me two sicknotes but no eye contact, never mind advice. Tomorrow I see a different GP in a new health centre I've registered with who'll hopefully shed some light on what's going on.


KAZ said...

This is not what I want to hear.
What have you caught from all those Southern Jessies?

Flaming Nora said...

I only wish I knew!! It's gone beyond being a bore and a worry now, I just want to GET WELL again and er, have a glass of wine.

Steve said...

A change of GP often means a change of fortunes in the health stakes. Or it could just mean your old doctor is a pile of cack.

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