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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Farewell, Loose Women

After almost three weeks off being off sick, I went back to work today. Admittedly, I had to leave an hour earlier than normal as I'm not yet back to full strength but I'm back in the land of the nose-to-grindstone wage slaves. And it was about time too, I fear I was becoming addicted to ITV's Loose Women and that just can't be right.


Old Cheeser said...

I agree, I've delved into Loose Women on occasion and really I think it's rather naff...I'm quite partial to lots of gossiping girlies but really the term "loose" is very, well, loosely used with regards to this show. It thinks it's being all daring and naughty e.g. the panel of girlies getting all hot under the colour about John Barrowman (?!) - but really it's not. Besides which, how "loose" can a lunchtime programme on ITV actually be? Not very much atall, as it so happens. Ooooh miaow.

Oh btw, so sorry you were struck down with horrid swine flu and had to endure all that time off. Hope you're feeling much more chipper now, pet.

OC x

Steve said...

The most frightening thing about Loose Women for me is how often I agree with Carol McGiffin's views on the world.

Glad you've returned to the land of "one day older and deeper in debt".

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