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Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Sopranos, again

Santa Claus brought me Sopranos series 1 for Christmas just gone. Series 2 was ordered post-haste and Series 3 came in the post this week. I haven't enjoyed a TV programme so much since this one, which I still rate as the only TV programme worth paying the telly licence for. Anyway, my Carmela Soprano impersonation is coming on a treat: "Hey, Toawnee, wan' sum cawfee?"


Steve said...

I totally missed the boat on this one. Have never watched a single episode that have heard most of my friends rave about it.

Tvor said...

I never got into this one either. I did love Six Feet Under. It's dark and quirky but brilliant

missbehaving said...

Good as 1 and 2 are, season 3 is where it *really* kicks in and you ask yourself how you managed to miss this when the rest of the world were watching it.
My favourite is Adriana.
The whole 'fat guys in pops socks' down at the Bad a Bing is hilarious.
Also agree with Tvor, 6 Feet Under is excellent too.

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