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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Easter, faster, better

I love the Easter holidays and in many ways prefer it as a family holiday to Christmas. All you have to do at Easter is run in with a chocolate egg and some daffs, eat a roast chicken dinner and run out again. Perfect. Christmas could learn a thing or two about Easter, just you mark my words.


Steve said...

Easter is less pressurized and not half as expensive. People's expectations are more easily managed. You're right. Easter is the way to go.

missbehaving said...

Easter is perhaps the one holiday Japan hasn't tried to take on.
To be honest I don't miss it, though it does want me to burst into There is a green hill faraway' ( or something like that).
Happy Easter Nora.

missbehaving said...

PS, wanted to add that you have THE best pics on your blog. I love 'em.

Flaming Nora said...

Thanks Trina, google images searches for "1940s women" always throws up some interesting pics!

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