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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Michelle Obama, let's hear it for the big lass

I'm loving Michelle Obama for being a big, tall, strapping lass, much like myself. She doesn't stoop and holds herself really well. It took me many years to learn how to do that and I just wish I had her courage to wear heels but I don't, I wear these although I'd love to wear these.


Steve said...

Wow. Her Maj the Q and Prince P look like dolls of themselves. The Obamas are giants. Veritable titans! Did they paddle across the Atlantic?

KAZ said...

I'm a titch who wears Docs.
It's always the way isn't it? Fat girls want to wear skinny jeans and slim girls wear the baggy stuff.
If people ask if I'm standing in a hole - I just give them a withering (upward)look.

missbehaving said...

Another titch in Docs here, Docs or Birks are all I have.
Tried the whole heel thing in my misspent youth and my back could tell you about it now.

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