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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Novel progress, an update

For those interested in such things, I've now writen 27,000 words of my novel. That's more than a quarter of the way through, although less than half.

Tim Dowling, Guardian writer and novelist, has nicked my(*) Flaming Nora picture for his article here at The First Post. He lists the devils against getting on with novel writing as being, in no particular order, and which I agree with him totally as being: Food, Family, Internet, Everything Within Reach of Your Desk and The Enormity of What You Are Doing.

(*)I know it's not mine, it just feels like it is. I've been using it as my blog icon since I started blogging back in 1956.


Steve said...

Definitely all of those. Plus "all the trivial odd jobs that have happily been left undone until the moment you sit down to write at which point you feel an overwhelming urge to complete them..." Our house ends up looking very tidy when I'm supposed to be writing.

KAZ said...

Tim Dowling quite rightly accuses the internet of being the biggest distraction - but just think of all the time you save going to the library to do 'research'.

Tvor said...

1956.... snork ;)

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