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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Men I Love

Phill Jupitus. My DJ of listening choice and a joy to watch on TV. Here he is with the late, great Kirsty MacColl who somehow didn't manage to make it onto the Women I Love list but should have done 'cos she was fab.

Tom Selleck as Magnum PI. The man, the tash, the hairy chest, the big car, the tropical island. What's not to like? Yum.

Paul O'Grady. Here he is with Sir Ian of McKellen. Paul's a joy to come home to each evening. Just the right side of smut for tea-time. Wish he'd do more stuff either in the theatre or on late night TV.

Terry Wogan. He's a terrible DJ who still can't get the pips to line up on the hour and has a corny way with everything he does. But still I love listening to him on the radio every weekday morning. Can't abide him on the telly though.

The Rocky Horror Show is one of my favourite films and I've seen it on stage countless times. Tim Curry is fab, a sheer joy to watch in whatever he does, but particularly in this.

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Old Cheeser said...

Again some nice choices you've made there!

Tom Selleck eh! Are you an '80s cheeser by any chance, Nora?

Paul O'Grady was great in Prisoner: Cell Block H The Musical.

And Terry Wogan's sarcastic commentaries on the Eurovision Song Contest were legendary. I'm also old enough to remember his obsession with "Dallas" and likening Lucy Ewing to a poisoned dwarf. Not to mention his comments on Krystle "Dynasty" Carrington's shoulder pads.

As for me, my fave fellas include:

River Phoenix - long gone, but a beautiful guy and a fantastic actor with a great sensitivity. Brilliant in "My Own Private Idaho". What a waste that he's gone.

Johnny Depp - still looks gorgeous and a great "off the wall" actor who always choses interesting and unusual movies / roles. Loved him in "Cry Baby" and "Edward Scissorhands".

Tom Baker - eccentric on screen as well as off, with a wonderful, fruity voice and the best ever Dr Who.

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