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Monday, December 11, 2006

Women I Love

Julie Birchill. Gob almighty but always worth reading. Always. Likewise Julie Bindel.

Nancy Banks-Smith. Top telly reviewer with a wicked sense of humour and great style. Get your Nancy tribute t-shirt here. I've blogged about Nancy Banks-Smith before, read it here if you like.

Kathy Burke. Actress, writer, director, star.

Debbie Harry. The woman I grew up wanting to be. Still wouldn't mind being, actually. Being into Blondie as a teenager meant I spent a lot of time reading Lester Bangs and wanting to write just like him.

Victoria Wood. Ticks all my funny boxes, no matter what she does. I nearly died laughing at Acorn Antiques: The Musical. And wasn't she wonderful playing it straight in Housewife, 49?


Anonymous said...

I would possibly swap one off your 'loathe' list for one on your 'love list' (and the other one mentioned alongside her!)

That's because I'm not as upset by Claudia's fringe as much as I am by some of the stuff that has come from Burchill or Bindel's pen! In fact I think Claudia is fab and should swop places with Bruce.

I am a rubbish commenter as I had to put 'possibly.' :)

I can't be doing with the one who dances like someone moving a fridge or the one who tells women how to fold towels for a living.

And what do you think about Trinny and Susannah?

johnson2006_ said...

I read "Ambition" by Ms Birchill a number of years back - a right load of old trash but actually quite readable. She's got some interesting opinions and can be humorous in a vitriolic, bombastic kind of way, but ultimately I think she's rather overrated. Sorry!

However Victoria Wood is very talented. And Kathy Burke is one of our few down-to-earth as an actresses, in performance as well as real life. I loved her as Magda in Absolutely Fabulous. So foul-mouthed!

Debbie Harry is positively iconic as well. So gorgeous and a great singer.

If I was constructing my own list of fave ladies, some of these would most likely consist of:

Kate Bush - amazing voice, a unique and imaginative singer/songwriter/performer, all round weirdo and all the more wonderful for it. Someone who has never been afraid to do her own thing and made a living from it.

Catherine Tate - excellent, observant and clever actress / comedienne.

Joanna Lumley - such a brilliant and versatile actress. Kicked ar*e as Purdy in the New Avengers. Cool and mysterious in Sapphire and Steel. Anarchic, stylish and alcoholic in Ab Fab (and showed a great gift for comedy). And took the p*ss out of herself wonderfully on Ruby Wax e.g. when she re-did Purdy in an attempt to launch her flagging career.

Ok - I have rattled on enough now. Thank you for indulging me, Nora...

KAZ said...

Agree agree agree - although I do like one of your loathes.

When I first saw Debbie on TV it changed my life.

My dad used to read Nancy in the Daily Herald about 100 years ago. She has always been very funny.

Brilliant list Nora!

Beta Blocker has let me post a comment at last

Flaming Nora said...

Kaz: Which one of my loathes do you like? Pehaps we're not twins after all!

Flaming Nora said...

johnson2006: no need to apologise for your choices, good to hear other people's views.

johnson2006_ said...

Thanks Nora - indeed. Johnson 2006 is actually your fellow blogger Old Cheeser in disguise - like Kaz I had severe problems posting comments to your lovely blog and had to go through Beta Blogger instead! Weird!

OC x

Linda said...

Hi Nora, anonymous was me, dunno what happened there - I love Claudia. :)

kaz said...

Hi Young Rita!
I used to like Fiona Phillips when she first appeared on Breakfast TV. She was the star struck Hollywood reporter.
She came home and married her co reporter Martin something.
They just seemed rather OK, keen and ordinary.
Haven't seen much of her recently. .. do tell about the Daily Mirror thing.

Mind you we are not talking on the same scale as Julie B and Nancy here.

Flaming Nora said...

Can't say why I disapproved so much of Fiona Phillips' page in The Mirror earlier this year as it's too personal to blog. Let's just say just because you can turn your page in a national newspaper over to an outpouring of your personal grief doesn't mean you should. Some things should be private, not prostituted in the name of (ha!) journalism.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see La Bindell gets the thumbs-up...she has a wonderfully refreshing take on children.

Anonymous said...

But doesn't Julie Burchill have the stupidest voice you ever heard?...she's the female equivalent of David Beckham when she opens her gob. I also wish she wouldn't bleat on about her working class credentials one minute and her swimming pool the next...oh, and all the references to lesbianism followed by lurid descriptions of her hetero love life. Yeuch.

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