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Monday, October 09, 2006

The Day We Won The Lottery

Sunday morning. The breakfast's grilling (bacon), bubbling (beans) and baking (veggie sausages for me). "Shall I check the lottery in the paper?" I shout through to the kitchen. "Aye, go on then" the kitchen shouts back. I open one of the three Sunday papers we get. We've got the first number. And the second. And another. "We've won a tenner!" I'm thinking, then I notice we've got another number. We've got four numbers. I've never had four numbers before. My boyfriend checks the ticket incase I'm seeing double, seeing numbers where numbers should not be. I'm not, we've got four. We turn on teletext and check it again to make sure The Mirror's right. It is. We've still got four numbers. How much? How much? How much have we won? More than a tenner? More than £500? More than £1,000? It's £61. We're going to blow it on the train fare for a weekend in Brighton. It beckons next month.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well done ! Spend it wisely.

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