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Thursday, October 19, 2006

The History Boys

Went to see The History Boys at the flicks this week and enjoyed it immensely(*) I'd previously seen it at the National and enjoyed the film almost as much as the play. The film was actually a little better because it reminded me just how fab an actress Frances de la Tour is. We don't see her nearly enough on telly these days.

(*)After we moved seats because the fella in front was wearing a hat we couldn't see over and the old woman behind me stopped kicking the back of my seat. The bag of Revels were ace.

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Lubin said...

I saw this in a posh bit of Bristol - full of loud posh people talking all the way through the adverts. They finally settled down 5 minutes into the film by which point I was ready to give the entire cinema an Asbo.

Loved Frances de la Tour, but had a few problems with some of the themes in the film...

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