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Friday, March 09, 2018

Books I read on my jollies, March 2018

Just back from a wonderful week in the sun and while sitting by the pool or on the balcony, here are the books I enjoyed:

I'd started this book before I went away but as I read it on the plane going on holiday and finished it off while there, I reckon it counts as a holiday book.  It took a long time to get going, concentrating as it did (too much) on the work of apple grafting rather than the characters and stories. But once it got going, I really enjoyed it. Could have done with some pruning and more flesh on the fruit though.  I've loved all of Tracy Chevalier's novels but felt that this one could have been improved by more editing at the start. 7/10.

What a stunner of a book. I've not heard of Eowyn Ivey before but it's a name that will make headlines. The Snow Girl is being made into a musical.  It was a magical read that gave everything you hope of a novel. I lost myself in it completely. 10/10.

Another good one from Douglas Kennedy but why his book covers always resemble soft porn I will never understand. His publisher needs to have a word with themselves. His books are hard-hitting, adventure stories featuring (usually) unlikeable couples. This was no exception. Rattled along at a grand old pace. 9/10.

Another new author for me. Gangsters, detectives and an area of California that I lived in, once. Loved it to bits. 10/10.

Started reading this book on the last day of the holiday and on the plane home so it still counts as a holiday read, right?  I really enjoy Andrew Martin's train books, whether novels or fact. He wears his knowledge lightly and never preaches, but invites you inside and takes you on a journey with him. So far, so good. 8.5/10.

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