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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Poetry - Here comes the bride

Each week I enter the Let's Twist competition in The Spectator. I've never won and I never will and that's not false modesty, I know I'm not literary enough. But each entry I send in, although it doesn't win or get published, sits on my computer wanting its day in the sun.  Now is the time for my little poems to shine.

The Spectator brief was:  You are invited to submit a poem of 16 lines in which the lines begin with the letters of the alphabet from A to P. 

Here comes the bride
by Glenda Young

All of the people
Behind me today
Came to see me get married and
Dad give me away
Even the vicar said my
Frock was rather nice
Groom didn’t mention it as
He was miffed about the price
I was almost ready to say ‘I do ‘
Just as mt pregnant bridesmaid fainted
‘Keep calm!’ I said
‘Let’s carry on’, but the wedding day was tainted
My husband cared for fallen maid
Now giving her the kiss of her life
‘Oh!’ cried the vicar, looking on. “I
Pronounce those two husband and wife’

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