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Monday, January 09, 2012

Sainsburys, it just didn't add up

Viz comic once had a chracter in it I loved called 'Lazy, Disinterested Shoe Shop Girl'. This morning I met 'Lazy, Disinterested, Confused Checkout Boy'.

Exchange this morning from Sainsburys. I called in on my way to work to buy some milk and a banana, total cost £1.07 and I only had a ten pound note.
Me: "Would it help if I gave you the seven pence?"
Checkout Boy: "I think so."
Me (handing him £10 and 7p): "There you go, ta"
Checkout Boy hands me £8.50 change.
Me: "Sorry, I don't think that's quite right."
Checkout Boy looks confused.
Checkout Boy puts £8.50 back in the till.
Checkout Boy hands me a £20 note: "Is that right?"
I was tempted. I was very, very tempted.
Me: "Not quite, no. It was £1.07 and I gave you £10.07 so that's £9 change I need".
Checkout Boy: "Is it really?"
Me: "Yes"
Checkout Boy continues to look confused, hands me £9.00 and I leave.


Tvor said...

I despair. I really do. And don't the cash registers do that for him?

Flaming Nora said...

yeah, he was clueless. He rang it in the till wrong, three times!

Annie said...

Oh dear - can't kids add up these days?! Love reading your Coronation Street updates by the way.

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