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Saturday, January 28, 2012 No it isn't!

This week I upgraded my web email to BT internet's new shiny version. It's the same as the old shiny version but it comes with extra ads. Annoying ads. Video ads. Ads that distract from the fun and business of email.  Ads that are fully targetted to my age group and gender.

This now means I'm being force-fed adverts for menopause treatments (not yet, dearies, not yet), available hunks in my area (my area? have you seen the blokes round here?) and worse of all, adverts from, for those who don't know, is an online women's clothes supplier for women of a certain age. Women suffering from menopause symptoms and in need of the services of a hunk in their local area. I am none of those things. And I most certainly not in in need of new clothes from being advertised by poster girl Lynda Bellingham.  So,, this isn't me:

No, no, no. As I head towards my 50th birthday (in, er, a few years time) this is how I see myself going.

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