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Monday, July 05, 2010

No way, Special K

The muffin top needs some adjustment so I've just signed up to join the Special K two week weight loss plan. Answered all the questions and received my personalised plan that has me eating scrambled eggs on toast three, yes three, times in the first week.

No way, Special K. Pharp.


Steve said...

You could always spice it up with some chopped chives or green chillis.

Or would that not be a good idea?

Digger said...

...or mash a few brussels sprouts into it?

Barry Coidan said...

Flamin' Hell, Flaming U. I'm with you. If they're so great at dieting you'd have thought they'd have some imagination.

Health note: eggs are good for you and don't as we were told for yonks clog up the old and not so old arteries. Scrambled eggs with or without chives,chillis or God's own greens is still an ask!

Keep eating muffins and to hell with those donkeys at Weight Watchers.

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