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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Last Train to Scarborough

If the book had been called 'Last Train to Clacton' or Margate or Southend or Blackpool or indeed anywhere other than Scarborough then chances are I wouldn't have bought this smashing book. But it had Scarborough in the title so that's always worth a punt and besides which, I'd read and enjoyed one of Andrew Martin's Jim Stringer steam detective mysteries before.

It's a right ripping yarn, set in Scarborough of course, and well worth an easy read with a gripping mystery.

Another good book read recently was Louise Welsh's Naming the Bones. I've read all of her novels to date and this was the one I enjoyed the most.

Have also finished the Steig Larsson trilogy and feeling bereft and somewhat lost without his books in my life. Now then, just what would Lisbeth Salander do?


Tvor said...

Oooh i just looked it up, the third Larsson book is out in paperback over there isn't it! It's not even out in hardcover here yet! Guess what i'm bringing back with me!

Anonymous said...

Me too! We leave on Sunday, just in time to weep over Blanche.

missbehaving said...

I've made a note of your recommendations, you never disappoint. If you're fond of good tale, a mystery, and a Yorkshire bent, Kate Atkinson might appeal

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