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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Forgotten Gems

If you've had one of those days where you've wondered if there was ever a soap set in the north-east, well, bonny lads and lasses, there was. The soap was Quayside set in Newcastle and it centred around a club called Quayside which was on the Quayside. With me so far? It was axed for poor ratings after the first series. I have to admit it was bad, but it was so bad that it was good and I counted myself as a Quayside fan.

Anyway, speaking of soaps that were axed, does anyone else remember Gems the daytime soap? Despite a couple of quick Googles, I can't find any fan site for the programme but all I can remember is that it was set in a London sewing factory and it was wonderful. If anyone's got a link to a fan site, I'd love to find out more. Here's a quick Gems YouTube!


Steve said...

Don't recall either of these but the sewing factory one reminded me a of a drama called The Rag Trade that used to be on during the day in the seventies. My mother loved it.

Tvor said...

Every time CBC tries to create a soap that they think will be as good as Coronation STreet, it's always AWFUL! Trite, cliche writing, just dire. Last try was Riverdale. Which most of us called Driveldale.

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