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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Top 10 things to do in London

Now that I've lived in London for over eight years, I feel I can blog with some authority on the city, don't you think? So if you're planning a trip to the capital, here's my top 10 favourite things to do in that London.

1. The London Eye. I've been on it four times, even though I'm scared of heights.
2. Sir John Soane's Museum. A hidden gem in Holborn and it's free.
3. Borough Market. Get there early before the tourists.
4. Ride the Thames in a London Duck.
5. Sit on Kirsty MacColl's bench in Soho Square.
6. Royal Festival Hall. My favourite building in London, followed by a walk along the Southbank.
7. London Transport Museum will release your inner tube-driver.
8. Imperial War Museum has some fantastic tanks. Yes, really.
9. Churchill Museum and Cabinet war rooms. A sobering experience.
10. Saint Clement Danes Church. Turn up at 12 noon and the bells really do chime Oranges and Lemons.

And now for some tips. Do yourself a favour and avoid the over-priced scrums of Oxford Street and Covent Garden. And if you're not 17 don't go to Camden Market, you'll just feel un-hip and sad. Oh, and never say you want to see Big Ben. You can't see Big Ben because that's the name of the Great Bell inside St Stephen's Tower, which is what you can see.

And finally, some things which you think might be over-priced and naff but are still worth doing - a river cruise and an open-top bus tour.


Tvor said...

I have so many things i love to do in London! Another fab museum is the Wallace Collection. All sorts of odds and ends, decorative, paintings and several rooms of armour and weapons. IT's free too, just off Baker St.
I may feel unhip in Camden but it's got a great buzz to it anyway and there's lots of cool and different shops there.

Agree on the Soane museum. Not been to the other ones you mention. Been in the church. That's the one that is the church of the RAF isn't it?

I've walked along the southbank a few times, always nice! there's often a used book sale outside the Royal Festival Hall isnt' there.

Steve said...

I've done the river cruise thing in my youth and thoroughly enjoyed it. Have done the same in York too. Always fab to be on a boat. The wife and I fancy the London Eye next time we're a bit flush.

Emmie said...

I love the eye and i enjoyed the change of the guards, but think you can only do it once.

Alice said...

I adore Camden market! I love walking down from Camden down regents canal, passed london zoo and on to little Venice! It is so nice on a sunny day!! Camden is defiantly a must see place to visit - the food market is amazing. I always try and get my london serviced apartment booked as near to camden as I can get! If I can't get a place there, I always try Soho! :)

A walk along southbank is always nice, and there is always so many activities on! A few weekends ago it was the chocolate festival which I heard was amazing!

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