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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Bring Gardeners World back down to earth

I grew up watching Gardeners' World. I still watch it now and as an enthusiastic gardener, learn a lot from it.

But this new series with Toby whatshisname and Alys Fowler is leaving me cold. Toby turns gardening into a competition to be won and Alys' tone is patronising to anyone who isn't Toby.

The good bits of Gardeners' World now are the allotments and garden design with Joe Swift and the pinching out, cutting back and enjoying having soil between your fingers with the wonderful Carol Klein. But head presenter Toby and sidekick Alys leave this viewer cold.


wombat said...


Steve said...

Alys freaks me out. It's her voice. It sounds like she gargles cacti.

Sunny Jim said...

Couldn't agree more. For the vast majority of gardeners in this country, gardening is a relaxing pastime and not a sport. So why turn it into a competition? With challenges against the clock and who can plant a clematis quickest, it seems to go against the reasons most people garden for. This new series has been a real turn off for me.

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