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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday morning TV

Saturday morning telly's great, isn't it? My viewing has evolved like this:


Steve said...

I used to love the Arabian Knights - especially the one who could turn himself into any animal he wanted by clapping his hands and booming "The size of an elephant [or whatever animal he fancied being]...!"

missbehaving said...

Great memories thanks!
Loved Double Deckers.
I remember watching the first Swap Shop and the first question was
what is 'this' made from, and there was some little carved thingummy. The winner won a shed load of 'Hi-Fi' equipment and records. My brothers and I wanted to win that SOOOOO badly, unfortunately we couldn't get through on the phone and didn't have a clue about the answer either.
In the end it had been carved from an avocado stone, don't think we even knew what an avocado was.
Cheggers came to Knaresborough once.
What was on after Double Deckers do you know, cos when I saw the picture you posted I had a pavlovian moment and heard ' on white horses, snowy white horses...'??

KAZ said...


Flaming Nora said...

I wasn't a tiswas girl (the shame)

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