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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Big Brother

This new series of Celebrity Big Brother has sucked me in and is chewing me up.

Coolio is being far more sexist than Jade Goody was ever racist, but still the show continues and his comments and actions deemed suitable for broadcast. It doesn't make sense.


Steve said...

It's sucked me in too, Nora, as in previous series of CBB I'm amazed at how few of them I actually like. Coolio is obnoxious and arrogant in the extreme and his posturing is ridiculous. For me Terry is the best: honest with himself and other people - a rare quality.

KAZ said...

I agree Steve - I've only seen bits this time but he seems to have grown up.
He got sacked recently from Radio Manchester - I don't know why.

Sunny Jim said...

It's way too addictive this year. I'm tempted to watch it tonight instead of University Challenge and Corrie!!

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