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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Amen for Amelia Jane

Amelia Jane was my favourite of the Enid Blyton characters and I read and re-read her stories as a child. Amelia Jane was the biggest and most clumsy of the dolls in the toy cupboard and at midnight every night, wreaked havoc. We had a lot in common, AJ and I back then and have had ever since.


Steve said...

I can recall my sister having some of the AJ books. I myself favoured the Famous Five and, curiously enough, Mallory Towers. I think Enid Blyton's legendary hatred of children is part of her enduring charm...

missbehaving said...

Oh the fabulousness of Enid. I just loved her books and I begged to be sent to boarding school after discovering Mallory Towers and the St Claire's.
I don't know what is wrong with children these days,( or maybe it's just my wierdos) my kids wont touch Enid Blyton or Noel Streatfield or Laura Ingalls Wilder.
Their complaint about Laura Ingalls Wilder?
'It's always about the wind, how cold it was, how strong it blew..."

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