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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pinter plays

To the theatre this week to see two one-act Pinter plays, both starring Gina McKee. Not only is Gina a fellow Mackem but she's one of my most favourite actresses. I've loved watching her ever since she starred in Our Friends in the North. I was told to expect lots of...

...pauses in the Pinter play and he didn't disappoint.


Steve said...

Gina McKee was the best thing in Notting Hill too... fab actress!

missbehaving said...

Ooh I envy you getting to see all this stuff.
I love Gina, ditto on the fab in Notting Hill comment.
I am currently enjoying her magnificence in re-runs of The Forsyte Saga. One of my beloved aunts claims she is not beautiful enough to be Irene,( she loved the original) me thinks she is.

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