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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Displacement and writing

Ok, it's time for an update on how the novel is progressing. I know that writing this blog post is an excuse not to write any more of the novel for a while but I understand displacement activity is common while writing. This morning my good intentions of writing came to nought when displacement knocked me sideways as I heard the kitchen cry out to be cleaned and the bedroom carpet said it needed to feel the warmth of the Dyson tickle its tufted tum.

Word count so far: 6,126. Chapter one is complete and I am right happy.


Steve said...

Displacement and prevarication all work for me... sometimes you need to get annoyed with yourself for bottling out of writing before you can actually write... ;-)

Flaming Nora said...

Thanks Steve, you're spot on.

Old Cheeser said...

Yeah, cut yourself a bit of slack, we're only just into the New Year!

But then again don't transform into a Stepford Wife - wouldn't want to see you lose all your cherished creativity.

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