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Monday, January 28, 2008

Alison Moyet

Spent Sunday night at the London Palladium watching the most stunning gig as Alison Moyet took the stage. The picture of Alison here was taken by a chap called David, a fellow Moyet fan who posted some pictures of the gig online.

I've grown up with Alison Moyet's music providing the soundtrack to my life. To see her on stage, again, was, well, I'm still smiling and that says it all. Her cover of Momma Momma as an encore almost had me in tears. Watch it live here.

Roll on June when Yazoo hit London again. Yes, I've got me tickets already.


Steve said...

"love Resurrection" still hits the musical spot for me and I loved her coy performance of it on TOTP.

Tvor said...

So she still sings with Yazoo as well? The only cd of hers i'd ever heard of was the solo one she put out in the mid 80s. That certainly did soundtrack my life at the time as the songs were very reflective of my crashing and burning marraige at the time. "Invisible" in particular. I have a couple of Yazoo tracks that i play on my gym playlist though. Quite good.

Flaming Nora said...

Yazoo are reforming after 20 odd years apart for a few gigs this summer, it'll be great. Tvor, you might like her newer stuff too. My favourite two albums of hers are "Essex" and "Hoodoo", real singalong, belt 'em out songs.

Tvor said...

Hmm i'll make a note. I might have a look for the cds when i'm over there. You don't find Yazoo all that commonly in record shops here.

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