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Thursday, July 19, 2007

No! Not Liz Kershaw...

My favourite DJ, our Elizabeth, has become embroiled in the latest BBC phone-in competition scandal.

Pre-recorded programmes were presented as if they were live and Liz announced a competition which appeared to feature real listeners phoning in to take part, one of whom would win a prize on air. In fact there were no competitions and there were no prizes, and all of the callers were members of the production team and their friends or so it says here.

If we can’t trust Liz Kershaw, who can we trust? Is the whole world going to hell in a handcart? Will I be tuning in on Saturday morning as per usual, wondering how she'll explain her way out of this one? Oh yes.


KAZ said...

I still trust Stuart Maconie.
But he's getting so fat!

Oh and I reckon I'll trust you as well Nora!

Steve said...

The fabric of society is crumbling before our very eyes. A very very sad day indeed.

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