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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cushy Butterfield

According to the north-east folk song, Cushy Butterfield was thus:

She's a big lass, she's a bonny lass
And she likes her beer
And they call her Cushy Butterfield
And I wish she was here

Now then, I like the odd beer (the odder the better) and I'm also quite big, as in tall. Regular readers will already know that. I got into a lift the other weekend when another tall woman came in and stood next to me. Nothing unusual in that, but it prompted an older woman at the back of the lift to call out: "Ooh, aren't you two lovely tall girls? I bet you two can see over other people's heads in a crowd, eh?" I didn't quite know what to say but I've got a ticklish sense of humour so I think I sort of smirked. But would the comment have beem made if two short-arsed people had got into the lift together instead of two tall ones? I think not, don't you?

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