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Saturday, October 21, 2017

My talks at Sunderland Libraries Literature Festival

This week I did something I've never done before in my life. Something that I've shied away from doing. Something that I thought I'd never do.

And not only did I do it, but I did it twice.

I stood up in public and spoke.

Sunderland Libraries Literature Festival invited me to speak twice this week at local libraries as part of the festival. My first inclination on receiving the invite was to say no. I'm far too shy, too nervous about doing such things. But in my heart, you know, I wanted to say yes. And I did. Am I pleased I did so? Oh yes.

I was there to talk about writing the TV tie-in books for ITV Coronation Street, running and editing the Coronation Street Blog and also about my foray into fiction via women's magazines and now, writing a novel too.

The first talk at Washington Library on Monday 16 October was attended by my husband and a friend. Yup, just the two of them in the audience. Well, it was raining outside and that strange pink sunshine was everywhere, it was an eerie sort of day. Who'd want to venture out on a day like that? But I did the talk anyway, just for the two of them, and received some good feedback too.

The second talk was at Houghton Library on Friday 20 October. This time there were seven people in the audience. Seven! And I only knew five of them! Fortunately, the two people I didn't know were really interested in what I was saying, asked lots of questions and the 1.5 hours that I'd been allocated over-ran and I could have carried on chatting all day.

So there you go, what a great week it's been and what an achievement too.

I've now been asked to speak at a writer's festival next spring in my favourite part of the country.

I've already said yes.

There's still a lot left on the programme to run as part of the Literature Festival. Find out full details here.

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