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Friday, May 20, 2016

Back in the Spotlight

I have a short story in this week's edition of The People's Friend magazine. It's a story about a TV actor invited to attend a cast reunion - but why doesn't he want to go? 

This is my third story published by The People's Friend, and this one's called Back in the Spotlight.  It's illustrated by Jim Dewar, and it is exactly as I imagined the main character to be when I was writing the story. 

As much as I love watching Coronation Street and writing about it, my foray into writing for women’s magazines is very important to me. 

Having spent much of my writing life writing about Corrie, a TV show – in effect, telling someone else’s story – it’s a huge, enjoyable challenge to now write my own stories.  To have my short stories accepted and published in a magazine like The Friend is quite wonderful indeed. 

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