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Friday, June 12, 2015

Travel agents - worth their weight in golden rays

I've been trying to book a holiday.  Easy, you'd think, what with the internet and everything.  Well, yes, sort of.

But having hit a snag with dates and availability, I decided to do something old-fashioned and called in to see a travel agent today.  She also had trouble finding the dates and availability, but what she did offer was worth her weight in gold. Having been to the island I wanted to book, she knew the resorts and recommended another, which is well worth a look.

She was also chatty. 

Very chatty.

I was there far longer than I wanted to be, while she tried her utmost to find me a holiday I wanted and could afford.  She almost did it too. When I check out her recommendation I'll be going back to see her to give her the booking as she was so helpful. 

Sometimes doing things the old way is the best way indeed.

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Tvor said...

Travel agents are wonderful! I do a lot of booking online but have recently gone back to getting an agent to book things if i have a lot of stuff to coordinate. They have got some very good prices on hotel rooms for us and found good airline prices now and then. I do the research ahead of time so i know, for instance, regions of a city where I might want a hotel and the general prices and my budget. I would love to be a travel agent, that would be my next choice of career.

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