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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Vote for me: My Womanifesto

Here's my Womanifesto, I've just made it up. If you vote for me, I will do the following, I promise (and I haven't got my fingers crossed either).

I will abolish nuclear weapons and spend the billions of pounds of money I save on the NHS and armed forces.
I will renovate and rejuvenate the communities and the streets of boarded-up houses in the north-east of England and beyond before I build new houses and shopping centres in the south-east.
I will bring back council housing.
And National Rail.
I will bring in lower fares on every kind of public transport.
I will encourage more people to use public transport and stop using their cars.
I will make journeys by car of less than 5 miles illegal, unless you are old or disabled.
I will send you to jail if I catch you using your mobile phone while driving. And I'll slap you too.
I will give free University education to everyone, as a right, and encourage more mature students to apply.
I will open up access to education for all, give more creative courses to adults, all free of charge.
I will rejuvenate and renovate inner city areas and spend money on opening up shops that have closed due to things being bought cheaper online.
I will make it illegal for things to be bought cheaper online and encourage everyone to shop locally, not online-ally.
I will build more cycle routes and give everyone a free bike in their colour of choice.
I will give free gas and electricity to the over 60s and disabled.
I will introduce a four day week. Four days at work and three days on holiday, fully paid.
I will make taking holidays compulsory.
I will bring the pension age to 60 for men and women, unless you choose to keep on working.
When you reach 60 you will have your bills paid and a free weekly outing.
There will be free cakes every Friday.

Vote for me, I make sense. 

I'm on twitter @flaming_nora

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