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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Coversations on the bus

I like travelling by bus and have a favourite seat. One of the joys of bus travel is overhearing other people's conversations.  Well, when they're sat right beside you, or behind you, you simply have no choice but to ear-wig.

Yesterday, two old men in flat caps and anoraks got on and sat behind me. The bus trundled past the huge - I mean huge - and somewhat controversial new Tesco Extra supermarket on the outskirts of town.

Gadgee 1: Have you been to that new Tesco?
Gadgee 2: No, I don't like Tesco.
Gadgee 2: Have you been to that new Tesco?
Gadgee 1: No, I don't like Tesco either.
Gadgee 2: Has Tom been to that new Tesco?
Gadgee 1: No, Tom's not been to Tesco. Tom doesn't like Tesco.

So there you have it, a trio of Tesco disapprovals, and I'm not fond either.

Mind you, it's not as good a bus conversation as my husband had with an old lady on the bus the other week.

He took out his novel and started reading it and she struck up a conversation with him, chatting on about how much she enjoyed reading too.

"What's that book about then, son?" she asked, peering at the cover of the novel he had in his hand, as he racked his brains to think how he'd describe Skagboys by Irvine Welsh to a somehwat frail and genteel pensioner...
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