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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kathy Burke's Walking and Talking

I hate Murdoch and so it was with a heavy heart that we succumbed to having Sky TV installed a few years ago. In our defence, yer 'onour, the reason we got Sky was because we're both football fans and our local pub in London where we could watch matches on Sky got too scary - and smelly - to venture into.

Anyway, with that out of the way. I still hate Murdoch and all he represents...

... but Sky have been pushing out some brilliantly innovative, fresh and clever television programmes lately.

Kathy Burke's Walking and Talking has been a particular joy, one of the best TV programmes I've ever seen.  I'm the same age as Kathy Burke so everything about this programme resonated with me - music, fashion, friendships, although not growing up in London, drama clubs or nuns.  Those are hers alone and this is her story. She's said it's the closest she'll ever get to doing an autobiography.  Let's hope not.  But until / if she ever changes her mind, Walking and Talking was wonderful, even if it was too short at only four episodes.  Wonderful, wonderful, programme.

I still hate Murdoch though.

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