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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why celebrities should be banned from twitter

I love twitter, I realy do. I follow some interesting, funny people who write pithy things in 140 characters or less.  And I also follow some celebrities, people I admire. Some of these people I've loved for decades - singers, writers, comedians, actors.

How wonderful to follow them on twitter, gain their insights, find out what they're working on next, what they're thinking, how they live their lives away from the media glare. I thought folllowing them on twitter would bring me a little closer to understanding my favourite celebs.

Unfortunately, it has.

I'm not naming names but I'm very disapppointed in you all.

My favourite writer of all time, I've got all her books and read more than one of them more than once. But she's rubbish at twitter and she tweets all the bleedin' time about absolutely nowt. Get off the twitter and spend your time writing another book, woman. Unfollowed.

My favourite female singer, ever. Bolshy and ballsy on stage is fine. Bolshy and ballsy on twitter is not, not with your fans. Unfollowed.

My two favourite TV writers both proved to be too desperate for attention. Both constantly tweeting a "look at me, love me, look at me, love me" way through their days. One of them even retweets his followers and pokes rather nasty fun at them which really isn't nice. Both of them unfollowed.

Bring back Smash Hits! Or have tweets approved by a PR, airbrushed and glossed to fit fans' perception of what we're buying into. Twitter brings the reality of fame too horribly close to real life.

1 comment:

Marginalia said...

I'd join a Twitter campaign to get "Smash Hits" back.

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