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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Garden in June

Pootling through my old Flaming Nora blog posts I came across a fair few pictures of our old garden in London and realised that although we've been in the new house in Sunderland for over a year, I'd not posted any garden pictures.  So here is the first one.  If you know me on facebook of course (and I only facebook-friend people I know) then you'll have seen the full set.

In London, our back garden was our refuge from the crowds, the rush, the noise that was London. It was a tranquil space full of gorgeous plants with a mature apple tree in the middle and after 10 years working on it, it was a little gem. There's not much I miss about London but I miss that back garden.

Anyway, the new back garden up north is almost twice the size of that London one and we've got a mahoosive front garden too. Despite it being battered by sea-breeze and salt air, the soil is fertile and just about everything you plant out will grow. It's a labour of love, there's a lot to enjoy and we're trying our best to turn it into a cottage garden, as much as we can. As much as the old garden in London was, you could say.

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