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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

18 miles high

To the banks of the Wear and bits of Sunderland I'd never seen before as I took part in my first ever Sunderland Big Bike Ride.

As a relative beginner, I did the easier route of 14 miles which turned into 18 miles as we cycled to the start point and then home at the end.

There are pictures from the Sunderland Big Bike Ride at the Sunderland Council website, and I'm on three of those pics. If you know me, you'll spot me. If you don't know me, see if you can guess which one I am. 

And to think I only started cycling earlier this year. 

Next year I'll be up for the longer 35 miles route of the 'Tour de Sunderland'. And then, who knows, perhaps the C2C for my, er, 50th birthday in a (cough) few years time?

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