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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


A good bandstand is great, isn't it? It cheers the soul and brightens the heart, especially when there's a band playing in it. Even empty ones have a joy of their own.

Some of the best bandstands I've seen were in Ostend, Belgium where there was a brass band playing on the bandstand in the market in the middle of town. Shoppers bought fruit and veg and oversized pants from the market stalls to the sounds of the band. 

And another Ostend bandstand in the beautiful Leopoldpark was the stage for commuity salsa dancing on a Friday night. Bandstands, they're magic.


Tvor said...

We have a lovely Victorian Public Gardens in Halifax with an nice old bandstand that you can just see in this pic

Marginalia said...

I so agree! In fact I think they're more magical when they're empty. It's as if something lovely's about to begin or has just ended.

Annie said...

I grew up near Duthie Park in Aberdeen, home to this gorgeous bandstand.

I used to run up and into it and shout to hear myself echoing around it's roof!

Happy days.

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