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Friday, October 22, 2010

Super stupid superstitions

There are some superstitions I have no truck with. For instance, I will:

Put an umbrella up indoors.
Pass on the stairs.
Use the number 13 with ease.
Walk under a ladder.
Not worry if I break a mirror.
Not be bothered by how many magpies I see.

But oddly, I won't:

Put shoes on a table because you know, it's bad luck. And I always knock on wood, just in case. And crossing my fingers when I want something to happen (or not) very much, is just something I do, right?

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Tvor said...

When i have an appointment or something to do on a particular date, i always feel a bit jinxed when i write it on a calendar. Many times plans have got cancelled. I know, they probably would have anyway but it just feels like i'm taking the chance if it's written down yet i don't want to forget the date/time either.

I do the "knock on wood" thing too.

I never worry about Friday the 13th. I've had much worse luck on Thursday the 12th!

And i always offer up a little prayer to the Luggage Gods. So far (touch wood) my bags have always arrived with me!

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