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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Save BBC Radio 6

One little blog post won't make a difference but just in case it does... I hereby pledge my support to help save BBC 6 Music. It is the only radio station I listen to, what'll I do when it goes?

Without BBC 6 Music I would never have discovered I enjoyed Northern Soul and funk and soul. I would never have enjoyed last summer as much as I did because of Lauren Laverne and Suggs' Month of Sundays show. Their Glastonbury coverage was outstanding. And without Liz Kershaw's Saturday show in my life, Saturdays will be once more quite gray and dull.

How on earth can the BBC even be considering getting rid of something as wonderful as BBC Radio 6? Even David Bowie's pledged his support to the campaign to save it. Whether his support or this little blog post will make any difference at all, remains to be seen.


Steve said...

Lauren Laverne on her own is enough to get me to swing my weight behind the campaign! Don't do this BBC! It's madness!

Vicki said...

Have to confess to not having heard of Radio 6 before the threat to close it down! Maybe I'm not the only one clueless!

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