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Friday, February 12, 2010

Canny in the Canaries

Just got back from last year's summer holidays (it's a long story) and had a smashing two weeks in the Canaries. While lying by the pool the books I got through on this holiday were as follows:

Chris Mullin MP, A View from the Foothills
Political diaries from someone who has something worth saying and can write damn well too. A fantastic book, 10/10.

Home by Marilynne Robinson
Worthy and dull. I kept plugging away at all as she's a Pullitzer Prize-winning author and this book won the Orange Prize 2009 so I felt obliged to like it. But I didn't - and gave up with about 20 pages to go. Dull. 4/10.

The Girl with Glass Feet by Ali Shaw
Magical. I cried at at the end. A wonderful first novel and I'll definitely read more from this author when their next book comes out. 8/10

The Girl who played with Fire by Steig Larsson.
The Girl who was on Holiday loved this book, the second of the Millennium trilogy. Almost every English person around the pool at our hotel was reading one of Steig Larsson's books. Fantastic. Can't get enough of it, waiting for the 3rd one to come into paperback now. 10/10

A Good Man in Africa by William Boyd
Started this book the day before we left and I'm just about finished it. Enjoyable, and reading it puts a smile on my face. 8/10


Steve said...

I'm never sure whether a long list of books read is the sign of a good holiday or a bad one. I'm guessing a good one.

Flaming Nora said...

Ah, it means it was a very relaxing, lazy, chillaxed sort of a holiday.

Old Cheeser said...

God you put me to shame. In my recent 3 weeks in Brazil I only managed to read about 1 and a half books! And you were there for a shorter period Nora! Glad you had a Smashing Time though, as Lynn Redgrave would say (get the reference?)

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