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Sunday, November 09, 2008


Isn't it about time Channel 4* had a Brookside night? They could have lots of clips from old episodes, chats with the writers and actors and input from fans. I miss Brookside. There, I've said it.

*E4 would do. Really.


Sky Clearbrook said...

I would love to see a clip of the mighty, mighty Dicken Ashworth as Alan Partridge again. He stayed at the bungalow with his fiancee, Sam.

My favourite Brookie character of all time was Billy Corkhill. I loved the 500th episode where, in his desperation to earn money, he was hired as the getaway driver on a supermarket robbery. The manager was bundled into the back of the car because the case containing the money was handcuffed to his wrist. It all went wrong when Billy was forced to do an emergency stop and the store manager was accidentally stabbed. The robbers legged it, leaving Billy to drive him to the hospital!

There was another one where Billy completely lost the plot and he just started driving round and round the close through everyone's front garden, tearing up all the grass and flowers as he went.

Flaming Nora said...

I loved Billy Corkhill and Sheila Grant together. So very wrong but somehow so right.

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