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Saturday, June 07, 2008

French Cheese

Just back from a week long jolly, can you guess where? It's not half pretty when it twinkles at night.

Anyway, ooh-la-la notwithstanding, wine expert Jilly Goolden was staying in our hotel. We couldn't decide if she was slumming it or we were staying somewhere really posh.

And then, zut alors!, spotted having breakfast in the same place as us one morning and then spotted another day walking along the street was fab Scottish novellist Iain Banks. Surely not, we thought, for didn't Iain Banks famously and publicly announce that he'd destroyed his passport, in anger at Blair's support of the war in Iraq? Well, mes amis, it was him all right. He went through Eurostar passport control ahead of us at the Gare du Nord on the way back.


Tvor said...

If you put some more photos up somewhere, do let me/us know!

Steve said...

But did you see Audrey Tautou? Surely the only person worth going to France for!

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